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Settings interface

Settings interface

1. Setting up shows
2. Basic settings of D.Live
3. Setting of input signals
4. Defining scenes
5. Defining input streams
6. Tabs for other settings
7. Main audio slider

The main audio slider is used to adjust the volume of the output audio signal. Changes made to this slider will affect the entire show, unlike the audio slider which is located in the “STUDIO” tab and only affects to the asset that is currently being broadcast.

8. Graphic display of audio signal strength on all input channels
9. Scene editor
10. PTZ camera preset editor
11. Input signal reset button
12. Setting the address of the main and auxiliary broadcast programs (ENGINES)

If the broadcasting program is located on a computer other than the computer on which D.Live is installed, it is necessary to define the IP address of the computer on which the broadcasting program is located. By clicking the “ENGINES” button the following window will open:

a. The IP address of the computer where the main broadcast program is located
b. The IP address of the computer where the broadcast utility is located
c. Button to cancel setting of IP addresses
d. Button to accept IP address settings