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Output/Preview camera switcher

Output/Preview camera switcher

1. Light indicator

Light indicator to visually check if the input is connected or not.

- The input is connected and ready to broadcast.

- The Input is connecting.

- The input is not connected.


2. Switchers of the main output

By clicking the mouse on one of the buttons, we will activate the desired input. The keys can also be activated via the function keys from F1 to F8 on the keyboard.

NOTE: Switching these inputs will affect the output of your channel. If the rundown list is currently active, then switching between these inputs will have no effect on the output of your channel.

3. Preview output switcher

Switch between the different inputs that will be displayed in the preview window.

NOTE: This does not affect the output. This is for preview purposes only.

4. Input stream information

If one of the inputs is used for a stream and not for camera input, information about the bit rate of the input stream will appear below the switcher.