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D.Watch Overview

Track Your D.Play Broadcasting

D.Watch is a very useful application that does not require a lot of computer resources. It works in pair with our D.Play, as a monitoring application. It helps you keep track of what is happening so you are always up to date without the need to check everything by yourself.

One of its functions is to display the rundown list from your playout automation system – D.Play, with the exact on-air times for every asset. Since this list is imported from D.Play, every change made to this list will be automatically visible in D.Watch. There is also a small preview window so you can see the asset that is currently on air.
The name of the broadcasted channel, current and next on program asset are also displayed.


Besides the classic list of assets, rundown playlist is also graphically presented in the shape of a watch.
Duration of each asset is visually well presented with a differently sized elements (parts of the circle) for every asset.
You can see how much of the current asset is left to be broadcasted with the different coloured circle
that is being filled as the time passes. This way you can monitor what is being broadcasted and when.

As a D.Play is an application that can work on one main workstation and several client workstations, all of them are listed in D.Watch. Red and green lights indicate is the particular workstation available. This can also be a useful information for the person monitoring the system. Some basic options, like display of date, time and temperature, are also available.

D.Watch is especially convenient for big-screen monitors in hall rooms as it is a visually attractive solution that combines functionality and representation in the best possible way.

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