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D.Sport Overview

Broadcasting Of Sports Events

We know your crew has the right talent – just get the right tools to help them make outstanding broadcasts.

Producing live sports has grown in popularity over the years. Since a live broadcast covering of a sporting event is one of the most technically challenging assignments for any production crew, we made a great software solution to assist you. There is no need for your operator to be to be technically savvy. D.Sport has an intuitive interface and a single operator can take command of it which makes it perfect for live sports production.

D.Sport offers you the ability to make production of sports content for 6 sports: football, volleyball, basketball, handball, water polo and boxing. Depending on the chosen sport, you have different options available, same as the statistics, CG elements, etc.


8 inputs available for covering of all the angles on the field. You define whether the input will be physical (camera) or an IP stream. All this is defined in the settings screen, along with the number of inputs being used. You can easily switch from one input to another, in the main screen, and preview all 8 inputs before you choose which one goes on air.


Simultaneously record all inputs so you can use the recordings for slow motion and highlights. You do not have to record all 8 inputs, if you wish, you can record only selected inputs as you find necessary. Also, record your out screen so you have a complete production of the event available.

Stream output

Stream the match directly to Facebook or choose a desired CDN and stream your match all over the world. This a simple and cost-efficient solution for broadcasting. What a better way to build a fan base than to give them access to every minute of the game.

Statistics inserting

Easily insert all the events on the field (scores, fouls, corners, missed shots, rebounds, penalties, red and yellow cards, serves, blocks, etc.) with one or two clicks and they automatically go into the statistics. This process is so simplified that one man can do the job. If necessary (like when producing basketball games), you can add unlimited number of instances on the spot, connect them, and include as many people as you may need to make sure none of the events are missed and your statistic is more accurate.

Slow motion and Highlights

In our D.Sport, highlights are intuitive and automated. This means a lot of events (like scoring, yellow and red cards, etc.) are automatically recognized and made into a highlight by using recordings from all the cameras you chose record. You can set a duration time (for example 20 seconds), and when you insert an event into statistics, previous 20 seconds will be extracted as a highlight. You can also add highlights manually when there is something interesting happening on the field and in any other situation you find suitable. Slow motion is available so you can make sure everything will be seen and reviewed.

Sport CG

A lot of CG elements are available and you can show results, game time, additional (extra) time, substitutions, lower thirds for any participant of the event, teams, formations, roster and many others. All the events inserted into statistics can also be displayed at any point. This is a powerful feature as it displays the statistics as it changes and you can use it for different kinds of analysis – during the game, between the periods, or after the game.

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