Karadjordjeva 120, Valjevo, Serbia

Quality Policy


Dovecher.tv is committed to supporting and promoting a culture of excellence and total quality in every facet of our business. Excellence is a core value and the foundation of Dovecher.tv’s relationship with our customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, strategic associates, and the communities where we conduct business.

To support excellence and a culture of total quality, Dovecher.tv’s leadership allocates resources and establishes policies and procedures that make these values come alive for all employees.

A culture of total quality generates the highest long-term value, not only for our customers, but all those associated with Dovecher.tv. Commitment to quality comes not only from the highest levels of the company, but also from every department and employee in the goals they set for themselves and achieve on a daily basis. As Chairman and Founder, my commitment to excellence is personal and it also reflects the values of all the professionals at Dovecher.tv; We must continually advance our pursuit of total quality, re-evaluating our goals and identifying new improvement. We must encourage teamwork and the participation of everyone in the organization, along with creativity and innovation.


Our principle goal is customer satisfaction: understanding their needs and fulfilling their expectations.

We constantly improve efficiency to increase our competitiveness.

We support ongoing product improvement with regard to customer requirements and changing technology.

Dovecher.tv’s infrastructure and positive working environment supports and develops our employees’ talents.