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D.Play is fully automated playout software suitable for a single-channel, as well as the big, multichannel environments. Designed to meet today’s challenges and to perform various complicated tasks. Multiple remote or local users can control the schedule and playout operation.

The greatest advantages of our playout solutions are:

Reliability Simplicity Efficiency
Provides 24/7 seamless broadcast
Reduces the complexity of broadcast workflows and simplifies day-to-day operations
What you need – when you need it
Delivering a channel is complex – but we make it easy
Delivering a channel is complex – but we make it easy


Our live production software gives you the ability to transform your computer into a professional live production control room. Everything you need for a live production is packed into one solution that does half of the job for you.

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Having a reliable platform for logging and reporting has never been more important. Logging is usually necessary for legal purposes because of the ever changing regulations imposed by legislators and governing bodies, but can also be useful for marketing purposes (advertisement certification).

Compliance Monitoring Adjustment
Broadcasters can demonstrate
the highest standard of compliance
with our trusted logger
Always have information about your recordings thanks to email reports
User-definable recording quality
(frame-rate, file size(duration),
audio/video codecs, etc.)
Ideal for capturing, storing and accessing videos from a single channel
Video automation for Radios
Visual Radio


Transform your Radio into a Visual Radio Channel, allows your radio to broadcast live videos, and creates a new world of opportunities for the radio stations, their audience, and their sponsors.