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D.Stream Overview

Live Stream Your Content

Our software gives you the ability to live stream your content all around the world, just choose your desired CDN (Content Delivery Network). You can have an audio/video input or an IP stream as an input.

8 slots are available and, for every one of them, you choose what would be the input. In each slot you can record up to 3 recordings in different formats. There is a 1 out IP stream,
so you can stream your audio/video input or restream an existing IP stream.

Record Your Content

Recording can be segmented which means you will have multiple recorded files at the end of a day. Set the duration time of your segments to 30 minutes, 60 minutes or any other duration of your choice. This is useful for recording the entire 24/7 program. You can preview your inputs before you stream them to check if everything is in order.

Also, depending on your PC performances, you can record and stream content from all 8 slots at the same time. In your recordings, you can insert a “timecode” which may be necessary for your local regulatory agencies. All your recordings will be automatically deleted after the desired number of days (30, 60, or any other).

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