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Every company wants to build market leading sustainable business. The way we are doing it is by focusing on our customers and by thinking forward. Considering that news production is one of the most important jobs in a television station, our idea was to focus on making our software intuitive and easy to use.


End users of the system should not waste time on learning the details about the system,
how it works and other technical stuff. The main thing for them is to know how to use it
for their tasks and assignments.


This is an often-used phrase, but it fits perfectly into our philosophy. The goal is to reduce the number of clicks any of the users has to perform to finish certain action.
If the users do not waste time on unnecessary clicks, they will have more time to be creative.


As stated above, it is important in the news production business to be creative and have as many ideas as possible. Journalist shouldn’t be suffocated with new things to learn about software every time there is a new update. With us, everything is easy and it takes only
a couple of minutes to get accustomed with old or new features.


If you have to search through the menu to find some particular option – the chances that you will remember where that option is located are very slim. Our idea was to place most of the options (especially the most frequently used ones) within reach, and all the others to, also,
be easily accessed.


From the initial idea to a realization of any assignment in the shortest way possible.
Our software gives you the ability to optimize your workflow. All the applications from our platform are logically connected and can perform complementary tasks. This way,
all the employees know exactly what to do and the best (and fastest way) to do it.


There is no point in having too many options for operators that work in directing.
They should be able to focus on supervision and control, and too many options will distract them so some errors may stay unnoticed. The successful workflow lies in the good preparing of the news, which is the journalist’s job, and directing operators are there to make sure everything meets the necessary standards.


All software developers should strive to process automation. The idea is to reduce the human error factor, and not to reduce the number of employees working with the software.
There is still the possibility that some errors may occur, but those errors will be easier to identify and to eliminate.


With the daily use of our software for their work, journalists are adding more and more finished stories to the database. All these stories are available to other journalists and this is how you get a knowledge growth within your organization. Now everyone can use information from the old texts just by searching for them in the database. There is no wasting time for recollecting the information or people trying to remember the facts from months ago.

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We are always thinking ahead and making sure we anticipate your needs. Smart solutions are what makes us specially proud.
As we also have experience in producing news, a lot of ideas are a result of our own troubles.
The goal is to increase efficiency at work(reduce the unnecessary processes) and to create high quality program with more content and make them visually more appaeling. Among others, these are examples of our smart solutions:

• If you are creating live program (like news broadcasts) in our D.Live, there is an option to automatically mute speaker audio input when the story is playing. Unmuting of the speaker on LIVE or preview event is also automated. This way you eliminate the possibility that the speaker will say something wrong (or anything at all) during this time. It is a neccesary action in 99% of these situations and with our software there is no need for someone to press mute/unmute button several times during a live program.

• As we all know, work can sometimes be exhausting. One of the ways we can help you create a high quality program is by making our software help you concentrate while working. If you are creating a show with more than one camera, sometimes the person who is supposed to switch them gets distracted. In our D.Live, there are two levels of alarm to draw attention to the switcher.
You define after how much time will the button on the switcher flicker, and thus inform you that you may need to switch to another camera for a different angle.
And no, the program will not switch the camera itself, it will just remind you to do it if you think it’s necessary.


Our clients and we think alike. We use our solutions on a daily basis and we find ways to simplify the job and to make sure that,
at the end of a day, the outcome of the work of all employees in television is better. Teamwork is one of the main forces of our organization and that is why our solutions tend to be a result of collaboration and synergy.


Today, is recognized as the only domestic, 100% Serbian brand and company that produces
complete software solutions for the automation of large, but also medium-sized television stations.


In January 2013, we launched News Studio, our first commercial software product and entered the software industry
with the introduction of product solutions including News Room, D.Asset and finally D.Play – playout automation system.


Our solutions increase efficiency in work, reduce the cost of program production, increase earnings and
minimize the risk of broadcasting errors.