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These buttons are used to insert computer graphics into the rundown list. Each of these elements can be adjusted in the settings section. You can also add new inserters in the settings section. To add an inserter to the rundown list, you have to click on the inserter and drag it to the list (drag and drop method).


1. Inserter for OPENER

- The opener serves as an introductory sequence to the program (announcement credits).


2. Inserter for CLOSING

- This inserter serves as the final sequence of part of the program.


3. Inserter for PREVIEW

- This inserter is used to view clips intended for broadcast with text and audio signal of the presenter via. The viewing duration of a single clip is set to 5 seconds by default.


4. Inserter for STOP EVENT

- This inserter stops the broadcast of clips from the rundown list


5. Inserter for NOTE

- This inserter adds a message for the presenter (prompter text).


6. Inserter for SWITCHER

- This inserter switches to different inputs.


7. Inserter for PTZ cameras

- This inserter controls the position of the ptz camera.


8. Inserter for LOWER THIRD

- This inserter inserts lower third graphics. You can place text in the text fields for that graphic.


9. Inserter for LOWER SPORT

- This inserter inserts lower third graphics for sports events. You can place text in the text fields for that graphic.


10. Inserter for SPORT

- This inserter inserts the opening sequence for sports events.


11. Inserter for WEATHER

- This inserter inserts the intro sequence for the weather forecast.


12. Inserter for JINGLE

- This inserter inserts jingle.


13. Inserter for PLAYLIST

- With this inserter you can specify whether your rundown list will be broadcast automatically clip by clip (like a playlist) or you will broadcast manually clip by clip.


14. Inserter for ENDING

- This inserter inserts the final sequence (exit credits).


15. Inserter for BLACK

- Light transition to a black screen (FADE).


16. Inserter for MUTATING audio signals of input channels

By right-clicking on the button, we can select one of the options:

- all audio input channels will be mutated.

- one input audio channel will be mutated.

- one input audio channel will be unmuted.


NOTE: Selecting the audio channel that will be mutated or unmutated is done by entering the channel number in the Seg field.