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Basic settings

Basic settings


1. Default volume

Voice countdown volume – The volume of the voice countdown until the end of the attachment.
Player Default Audio – The default volume of the attachment.

2. Graphic representation of the length of attachment duration

Option to display an orange line in the asset column that graphically indicates the length of the file in relation to other files.

3. Deinterlace

Deinterlace will be used in the broadcast.

4. Direction

RTL (right to left) – text will be written from right to left.
LTR (left to right) – text will be written from left to right.


The “SPACE” key on the keyboard will be used to start the next asset.

6. Displaying the ANCHOR field in the rundown list

If the button is enabled, the Anchor field will be in the rundown list.

7. Company selection

Company selection field. Defining the company is essential if you want to use quality control.

8. Emergency

BLACK – in case the “EMERGENCY” button is pressed, D.Live will go black.
FILE – in case the “EMERGENCY” button is pressed, D.Live will play the defined file. By activating the “FILE” button, you will be asked to specify which file D.Live will play.


Upon completion of the asset, instead of D.Live switching to one of the inputs, we can define it to play the predefined graphic element “BACKGROUND”.

10. Setting the maximum bit rate of the input stream