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Sending internal messages

Sending internal messages

By clicking on the button for sending messages (CHAT), the window for sending messages will appear:

1. List of active conversations

In the window you can see a list of created conversations between users.

2. Button to create a new conversation

Clicking on the button will open a window with a list of all users in which we can select one or more users with whom we can start a conversation.

a – By clicking on the square, we select the user with whom we want to start a conversation. It is possible to select one or more users.
b – List of user names in the system.
c – Button to create conversation.

3. Search space

By entering the user’s name, you can search for active conversations.

4. Display of sent messages

All messages sent to the user from the list (1) will be written in this space.

5. Writing a message

In this space, write the text of the message that we want to send to the selected user from the list (1).

6. Sending a message

By clicking the “Send” button, the message written in the message writing space (5) will be sent