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Technical information about the asset

Technical information about the asset

By clicking on the button for technical information about the asset, a window will appear for displaying and editing information about the selected asset. By clicking the same button again, we can close the Technical Information window.

1. Name of the selected asset
2. Asset status

Asset status can be:

NearLine – The file is available and is located on the support storage. Using these files is possible, but you have to wait for a connection to be established with them.
Proxy – A proxy file is created from the original file. The proxy file is used for editing and other settings, and with reduced quality to save on computer resources. The original file will be used in the broadcast.
Online – the file is on storage and is available for processing.

3. Tabs for selecting information view

Technical – Overview of technical information about the asset.
Meta – Data to be used when playing automatic graphic elements.
CG – Setting the behavior of graphic elements for each asset individually.
All – Asset meta data.

4. Space for displaying information

Depending on the selected tab, different options will open in the window.

Technical data (Technical Tab)

a – The path to the location on disk where the asset is located.
b – Various technical data about the asset.
c – Number of days before the asset will be deleted from the site. If the number of days is set to 0, the asset will not be deleted.
d – Mark the asset button to use the asset as an advertisement.
e – Button to mark the asset to use the asset as a music file.
f – Optional determination of whether the asset will be exported to the EPG list or not.
g– Buttons for assigning category and production to the asset.

Meta data of the graphic element (Meta Tab)

a – Name, performer and author of the asset.
b – Additional information about the musical asset. If the asset contains multiple music tracks, the report needs to define which artists, tracks, and track authors are within the asset.
c – Description of assets.
d – ID of the location on which the asset is located on the VTR tape.
e – Information about the shooting location.

Graphic element behavior (CG Tab)

For each of the assets, it is possible to define the type of text that will be written in the graphic elements. If nothing is defined, the graphics elements will print the default values.

a – The text that will be written in the first, second and third lines of the graphic element.
b – The manner in which the emission of assets will begin (transition).

Asset Meta Data (All Tab)


a – List of meta data about the asset.