Karadjordjeva 120, Valjevo, Serbia

System information bar

System information bar

1 – User logout button (Log Out)
2 – Information about the registered user
3 – Mini TV
4 – Status of connections with other components required for the smooth operation of the News Room

D.Net – Protocol status for notifications between Dovecher.tv applications
Asset Service – Status of connection with D.Asset
Internet – Internet connection status
Media – Connection status with the MEDIA folder
DB – Database connection status

The semaphore indicating the connection status can be in 3 colors:

GREEN – the connection is established and the News Room can work smoothly,
ORANGE – the connection has not been established, but this will not affect the operation of the News Room,
RED – the connection is not established and the News Room will not be able to work.

5 – News Room system settings button
6 – Today’s date
7 – Sat