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Show tools and information

Show tools and information

1 – Calendar (space to select the start date of the show)

Clicking on the field will open a calendar in which you need to select the date of the show for which the story is added to the rundown list.


You can exit the calendar only after selecting a date. Which means that if you want to keep the current date, you need to select the same date in the calendar.

2 – Show selection field

Clicking on the field for selecting a show will open a menu with a list of all created shows, from which you need to select the show to which you want to add a story.


3 – Button for creating a template from the currently created show

Pressing this button will create a template from the current show and each subsequent opening of a new day from the calendar will automatically place the created template instead of an empty rundown

4 – New rundown

Button to delete the rundown list and create an empty template.

5 – Slider for adjusting the size of the graphic appearance and the duration of the video material in the story
6 – Information about the presenter of the selected show

Clicking on the presenter information field will open a menu with a list of all registered NewsRoom users.


By selecting a user, you will change the presenter of the selected show.

7 – Total expected duration of the entire show