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Input Settings

Input Settings

Connecting camera and streams to D.VR input switchers.

1. Input number

D.VR has 4 inputs and they can be connected to 4 switcher buttons.

2. Type of input

Input can be psychical (p) or IP Stream (s). By pressing corresponding button you can select the type of input.

3. Graphical display of the activated cameras

If camera input is activated (p), than you can see camera icon connected to activated input. If stream input is activated (s), than you can see encoder icon connected to activated input.

4. Camera input video format

If your camera input video format is different than the channels video format, than you must select your camera video format from drop-down menu so D.VR can convert it to channels video format.

5. Camera port number

Select port from drop-down list where camera is connected so you can connect it to the switcher button.

6. Stream inputs

If you choose IP stream as an input, than you need to select stream from drop-down list.

7. NDI inputs

If you choose NDI as an input, than you need to enter name of NDI device or IP adress with port number in empty box.

8. Audio format layout

Set an audio format from drop-down menu.

9. Start the input

Buttons to turn on/off input.

10. Name of the input

By clicking on the name you can change name of the input. That name will be shown also on the multiview screen.

11. Stream editor

Click on button will open stream editor.

a. Button for import list of streams from m3u8 list
b. List of created streams
c. Add (+) and delete (-) streams from list