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Rundown list asset line columns

Rundown list asset line columns

1. Asset type icon indicator
2. Date when asset will be started
3. Time when asset will be started
4. Asset name and visual duration of asset
5. Wait to start

Wait to start button can be showed only on “Live event”. It can be used when you are using D.VR together with D.Live. D.VR will wait on command from D.Live to start Live event.

6. Locked time

When you lock asset to start at a specific time, in this field you will see the time on which asset is going to broadcast.


7. Lock asset
8. Audio on/off

If Audio is turned off, you will have only video without audio for that asset.

9. Replay on/off

If “Replay” is on, when the asset starts broadcast, graphic element “Replay” will be displayed too.

10. Wait for next

If “Wait for next” is checked, next asset will not start until you press “Next” button or D.Play gets the “Next” command from D.Live.

11. Duration of asset
12. Episode number

This field can be used to define what video input will be used when “Live event” is triggered.

- by clicking on switcher icon in asset line you can change input number.

13. Segment number

If in list is inserted segmented asset than in this field you will see part number.

14. Planned start time

The Rundown list is packed after the scheduled time from the beginning of the programming day. In this field is the planned time of the beginning of the show.
The real start of a show does not have to be at the planned time, i.e. the show can begin earlier or later than the planned time on which basis it is created ADVANCED or DELAY time.

15. Planned start time hours indicator

Graphic indicator of Planned times.

16. FACEBOOK streaming button

If you are connected to Facebook, you can select which asset will be streamed to Facebook. If you are not connected, than this field will be empty.

17. Quality control

Graphical representation of does the asset match the quality standard or not.

18. Graphic indicator of the starting time in relation to the planned time

- Asset is in ADVANCED state

- Asset is in DELAY state.