Karadjordjeva 120, Valjevo, Serbia

Dovecher Logo

Dovecher Logo

Logo is located at lower left corner of the screen.


Click on the logo with left mouse button to open License information window.

1. Information about version and build date
2.Information about license
3. Unregister button

Be careful. Clicking on this button will delete your D.VR license.

4. End-user license agreement
5. Update your D.VR

By clicking on Update button, D.VR will start process of updating to a newer version if it is available.

Click on logo with right mouse button to send error report to developers.


1. Opening a site for reporting irregularities in D.VR’s work
2. Sending information about D.VR’s work
3. Sending the entire rundown list
4. Opening windows with information about errors generated by D.VR’s work