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Asset search tools

Asset search tools


1. Display assets by file type

- List will contain video files.

- List will contain image files.

- List will contain audio files

- List will contain user created program.

- List will contain assets which user set as commercials

- List will contain assets which user set as music files.

- List will contain archived files.


NOTE: Combination of search for two or more file formats is possible.

2. Filters by day when asset was added to media folder

- Search by using modified date

- Search by using any date

- Search by using current date.

- Search asset newer than yesterday

- Search asset from last three days

- Search asset from last week

- Set for how many last hours assets will be displayed, if today filter is selected.


3. Search asset by user created category

- If you have custom created categories, than you can search for asset by those categories.


4. Search asset by entered words

- Enter the word or part of the word and click on magnifier icon.

- Turn on/off instant search. If instant search is on, than there is no need to press magnifier icon to start search, result will automatically be displayed.

- Turn on/off auto refresh. If auto refresh is on, result of searched terms will be refresh every 60 sec.

- Search as sentence

- Search as separate words.


5. Display assets by production

- Display assets by selected production.