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As a part of D.Plays interface, you can find Indicators to help you with your rundown list or to check the state of your PC.

1 – Rundown list Indicator

1 – Selected – Duration of selected asset.
2 – Total time – Total time of the whole playlist.
3 – End – Date and time when rundown list will end.

2 – Date and time Indicator


1 – Current month and date
2 – Current time

Current time has two states. Green and Orange.

- Computer system time is synchronized with world time.

- Computer system time is not synchronized with world time.


NOTE: If you are using D.Play as client, than time on main D.Play and client D.Play must be the same, so both must be synchronized on the same world server.
You can synchronize time with world server at Settings tab of D.Play.

3 – Time after last start of D.Play was performed

3 – CPU load Indicator

CPU load indicator has two states. Green and Red.

- CPU load is normal and there is no problem for normal operating of D.Play.

- CPU is under big pressure and there can be problems for normal operating of D.Play.