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Stream Settings (STREAM TAB)

Stream Settings (STREAM TAB)

1-2. Stream Out 1 and 2

D.Play can stream on two different CDN’s at the same time.


a. Drop-down menu for selecting which profile you are going to use for streaming to CDN
b. Button to open stream profile editor

By clicking on this button you will get next screen:


I. Name of the Streaming profile
II. List of created profiles
III. Type of created profile
IV. Options of streaming format

c. Button to set restart of stream if stream stops or fails.

3. Facebook Connection

a. Name of the page

Name of the page on Facebook to which you are connected, and to which you are going to stream. If you are not connected to Facebook, in this field you can see “NOT CONNECTED”.

b. Button to connect to Facebook

By clicking on the Connect button, you will open Facebook login page where you need to enter your email and password to log on Facebook and than select the page to which you are going to stream.

c. Stream availability

Button to check if stream to Facebook is available.

d. Stream quality

You can choose one of three types of video quality.

e. Stream format

You can stream in SD or HD video format.