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Audio & Video controls

Audio & Video controls


1. Break To Live

Pause broadcasting the asset in play and go to selected live input.

2. Output/Preview camera switcher

First line of switcher buttons (MAIN) affects out screen of D.Play only if D.Play is in stop mode. Otherwise, nothing will happen if you switch the inputs while D.Play is in play mode.
Second line of switcher buttons (PREVIEW) affects preview screen and you can check what is on inputs before you air the content from those inputs.

3. Sound control

At local sound speakers you can hear the sound from D.Play. Depending on the button checked, you can hear sound from selected main switcher input or selected preview. This sound will be heard only locally.
That means that sound is not going to broadcast. You can have control over is the sound from the inputs good before that input is in broadcast.

4. Audio follow video

Follow audio channel with video channel.

5. Audio controls

Here you can mute audio inputs and adjust their volumes.

6. Server

Turn CasparCG server on or off.

7. Stream

Stream your channel.