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Out Settings (OUTPUT TAB)

Out Settings (OUTPUT TAB)

1. Main Out

Decklink card number set as Main out (out for broadcasting). There are options to set maximum 4 Decklink card ports as main out.

2. Video Format

By clicking on Video format you can choose in which format your channel will be in broadcast.

3. Audio Format

By clicking on Audio format you can choose your channel’s audio format.


Turn on/off NDI out.

5. Audio Embed

Embed audio in SDI out. If button is not checked, out will contain only video. These options are not on the fly. That means that if you make these changes, you will need to restart the server.

6. Preview Out

Decklink card number set as out to second monitor. Second monitor will show same screen as MAIN OUT.

7. Preview Out Quality

If this button is checked, preview out screen will be shown in HD Quality, otherwise, preview out will be shown in SD Quality.