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Information about files currently processing

Information about files currently processing

a) Mail Ingest – List of tasks that are performed with e-mail ingest (insertion of files via e-mail)


from – Email address from which the file was sent.
link – The location where the file that needs to be inserted into the database is located.

b) Subfolders to scan – List of folders that have been saved for processing (folders in which there are changes)


c) Export – List of files saved for export to one of the social networks or FTP location


Export 3 – Next to the field name is the number of tasks that are ready.
Icon – Thumbnail of the location to which the export is made.
Name – Name of the created location for export.
Title – Name of the created story for export.
Type – File transfer type. If a file is transferred to one of the social networks, the type of transfer will be EXPORT, and if the file is transferred to an FTP location, the type can be COPY or MOVE.

* Before exporting files to one of the social networks, files are transcoded (adaptation of the file into a format supported by a certain social network), in order to export the file faster.

d) Transcoding – List of files sent for transcoding


path – The path to the location on the disk where the file to be transcoded is located.
duration – The duration of the file expressed in the format HH:MM:ss:ms.

e) Graphic display of selected activities currently processed by D.Asset


Green link – The option is selected and the task is currently being processed.
Gray link – The option is not selected and the task is not currently being processed.
Blue connection – Display of the connection according to the tasks that are always included (searching and deleting files).