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File Menu

File Menu


Clicking on the “File” button opens a drop-down menu with the following options:

1 – Settings (“Preferences”)
2 – Checking whether there is a newer version of the D.Asset service (“Check for updates”)
3 – Exit


If you are not logged in as an administrator, clicking on the setting option will open a login window. The logging process is described in section D.Asset interface 6a. It should be borne in mind that logging in this way only applies to the current operation, a all other changes will require logging in again, unless the option to stay logged in (Stay log in) is selected. If you have logged in with an account that has administrator privileges, a new window will open in which they are located
settings required for the correct operation of D.Asset.


1 – Basic settings,
2 – Path settings where the assets are located,
3 – Settings related to users,
4 – Settings related to quality control,
5 – Settings related to streaming,
6 – Settings related to location profiles for export,
7 – Settings related to program recording profiles,
8 – Creating links to files that are not in the media folder (external files),
9 – Creation of companies,
10 – Button to close the settings windows


Selecting the option to check if there is a new version of D.Asset will open a new window in which the check will be performed. If there is no new version of the program, information will appear on the screen that you have the latest version of the software.



Clicking the “OK” button will close the newly opened window. In case the check finds a new version of the software, the automatic download of the new version will begin, after which it is necessary to install it. The installation process is described in the section entitled “Installation”.


By selecting the exit option, the D.Asset application will be turned off.