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Creating a new user

Creating a new user

1 – Access information

User – The name of the user by which he will be recognized in the system.
Password – The password that the user will use to access the News Room.

2 – Group to which the user belongs

3 – Information about the user

title – User function.
department – Sector in which the user works.
description – Space for placing a description.
e-mail – E-mail address of the user.
address – Address of residence.
city ​​- City of residence.
phone – Phone number.
word per min – The number of words per minute that the user can speak, and is used to calculate the total time of the presentation if the user is also a presenter.

4 – Space for the user’s image (avatar).

By double-clicking on the space for the user’s image, a window will open in which the image you want to place should be found and will serve as a graphical display of the logged-in user.

5 – User role

admin – The user has the role of administrator.
activ – The user’s account is active.

6 – Determination of the user’s job type

editor – The user has the role of editor.
journalist – The user has the role of journalist.
video editor – The user has the role of video editor.
cameraman – The user has the role of cameraman.
scheduler – The user has the role of scheduler.
organizer – The user has the role of organizer.
archivist – The user has the role of archivist.
shooting manager – The user has the role of shooting organizer.
lector – The user has the role of controlling spelling and expression

7 – Privileges available to the user

create users – User can create new users.
create story – User can create attachments.
delete story – User can delete attachments.
approve story – User can approve attachments.
create rundown + create template – User can create show covers.
edit rundown – The user can change the content of already created show covers.
edit meta tags – User can change tags in assets.
edit asset – User can edit assets.
monitor activity – User can monitor work activity.
psyhically delete files + extend life of asset – The user can delete files and delay the deletion of files.
publish to social network – The user can send attachments to social networks.
edit categories/programms – The user can change the categories and program contents.
transfer/transcode media – User can transfer and transcode files.
approve asset– The user can approve assets.

8 – Save or cancel buttons

Cancel – Canceling the memory of changes made in the window for creating a new user.
Create – Completion of creating a new user (memory of entered data).