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Best archive solutions from Disk Archive – our new partner!

If you are in need of a solution for all your archive problems – search no more! Dovecher.tv is proud to announce partnership with Disk Archive and even more proud to be an official reseller and integrator of ALTO products.

What is ALTO? ALTO stands for Alternative LTO, because of its main function – to replace LTO tapes in modern systems.

LTO tapes have been used for a long period now, and even if they are reliable, there are some disadvantages which made us think – is there a better solution? ALTO has all the benefits of an archive solution – it is offline (energy efficient), secure and a low-cost for ownership.
But, there are many more which are putting ALTO on the map.

Buy ALTO with disks or empty – it supports disks of any size, from any vendor, in any slot at any time. You are free to choose the disks depending on your needs for available storage space. The great thing is that ALTO provides significant power saving and greatly extended disk lifetime by performing smart disk management.

Higher security and faster access for concurrent users just add more to the value, but the possibility to create a distributed system between cities and have advanced disaster recovery will make your business feel completely safe.

Many of you had the opportunity to see the ALTO on the spot at Media Market in October and we were pleasantly surprised by the attention it attracted – from the clients and visitors, but also from the media.

If you missed your chance at the Media Market, feel free to contact us at sales@dovecher.tv and we will be glad to provide the answers and to convince you that ALTO is a perfect solution for your needs.