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The magical side of live sports production

Meeting the needs of the viewers can be quite challenging sometimes. Content delivery networks are growing fast and constantly raising standards in the terms of customer satisfaction. This is why many television stations struggle to provide their viewers with all-in-one sporting event broadcasts which can occupy their attention.

One of our most loyal customers, regional TV station Novi Pazar, knows how to stand out from the crowd and tie the audience to the screens. We are proud to say that our solution for professional production of sporting events – D.Sport is playing a great part in that. Producing the football match which FC Novi Pazar played in the Serbian highest competition – Superleague, brought a challenge, but D.Sport made it all run smoothly, because it always has your back!

Working in live sports production is one of the most thrilling jobs and, with the help of D.Sport, no longer a high-demand job which requires several operators’ attention at all times. In fact, the level of automation and smart solutions implemented made possible to do the production with only one(!) operator, as it was the case in Novi Pazar. Managing all the operations was not a problem – smart and intuitive GUI enables everything done in just a few clicks. Operators from Novi Pazar are experienced users of our solution and manage to use all the advanced features D.Sport has to offer and make to most of our software. Streaming, recording, switching inputs, slow motion and highlights are just some of the features which make your production easy and flawless.

If you are interested to hear more about how D.Sport can make your job easier and less stressful and how you can be able to deliver high-level, professional sport productions, we are here sales@dovecher.tv.