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Moving to the next level with 5G technologies

Everyone is saying that 5G will significantly improve different spheres of business even quality of life, but what it really means to broadcasters?

Mobile broadcasting was only imaginable years ago, but now, thanks to 3G and 4G, that is one of the frequently used features. TV stations managed to use 3G and 4G network connectivity for live broadcasts from the field and it was a step forward, but 5G is something that will revolutionize live feeds. With increased data transfer speeds, you will no longer have problems with your live streams.

As our software is future-oriented, this brings a lot to our users. D.Live, a professional live production software, supports IP streams as inputs. Better stream quality with 5G will make your D.Live broadcasts seamless. As for D.Play, even though it is a playout automation software, it also has an input switcher and includes features like live input stream and break to live. So, if your reporters are on the field and there is an important unpredicted event going on, all you need is „break to live“ feature and mobile phone with 5G network coverage. No more major frame drops and interference.

Quality of service and security have also been at the forefront of mobile communication networks. 5G networks are not just about being faster, bigger and better. They are also about managing different (huge) ecosystem of services, while retaining high security standards. It also includes improved user privacy protection.

All this in mind, do not miss the chance to exploit the benefits that 5G and Dovecher.tv software platform can bring to you.