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Another successful Media Market is behind us, so what’s the news?

Exhibiting at fairs and shows is almost half of the business – meeting with people and presenting solutions on the spot always turns out good. This year’s Media Market was no exception.

The challenge was to offer something new to visitors and show the constant improvement of our solutions. And what’s the better way to do that then to broadcast content from “Fair TV” by using our software.

D.Live, our live production software, has taken over most of the work – combining multiple input sources, live CG and all the other elements needed for professional production of the panel discussions and various live event promotions.

Playout automation was left to D.Play, which managed the playlist with multiple live events through the program.  The outcome was the perfect broadcast which was seen via large video wall, and visitors from all spheres of the business were impressed.

Seeing how is easy is to operate our software, a lot of visitors had their interest aroused and realized that our software would make positive changes in their TV stations. We made our software intuitive, so that clients can have more spare time for other tasks and that was the case with D.Logger too.

D.Logger is a reliable platform for logging and reporting, and a newest member of the Dovecher.tv family that has been officially presented at Media Market. It is intended for 24/7/365 recording of your program and you can record two of your channels at the same time. Do not worry, if there is a need for multiple channel recording – give us a call and we will make sure to offer you the solution that is best suited to your needs.

This does not apply only to D.Logger – we are always ready to negotiate and help our customers take the best of our software. So, thank you for trusting us and our solutions, and taking time to say hi at the fair. We hope to have many more meetings like these ones and extend our cooperation in the future.

If you missed this chance to see our solutions in action, feel free to contact us and we will gladly answer all your questions.