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Big news – D.Play works with cloud assets now!

We know that the playout services are evolving quickly and we are always ready to step up with the improvements.

Our playout solution, D.Play, was already a perfect solution for SD and HD channels, giving you full control over your content,
but now, your content can be stored anywhere and everywhere. Feel free to choose cloud storage for your media asset and D.Play will manage the playout as usual.

Why Store Your Data in the Cloud? Broadcasters are under constant pressure to cost-effectively run channels and cloud storage can be an option for saving money. By using cloud solutions, you can pay as much space as you use and there will be no unused space you have to pay for. Also, many organizations can have a mutual cloud storage space in case they are working on the same project or exchange material often.

Until now, you could store your assets locally or on an external storage available via network for D.Play to be able to broadcast them. With this new update, you will be able to create your rundown list by using files located on some cloud storage and there will be no need to worry about your playout. Choose D.Play and benefit from self-scaling cloud storage options.

Dovecher.tv team