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  • Our new software solutions – D.Ingest and D.Sport were an absolute stars of the show at Media Market 2018!

Our new software solutions – D.Ingest and D.Sport were an absolute stars of the show at Media Market 2018!

Different product stands out at every fair, with a few regular products whose popularity does not decrease over the years.

Our playout automation solution – D.Play, is one of the regulars and its popularity was no surprise. But, we were pleasantly surprised with the interest shown in our two new software solutions.

We worked hard for the previous few months and it all payed up as we were able to finish up the new products in time for the Media Market. We knew that this would be a great opportunity to present new solutions to the bigger audience and
we grabbed it. Reactions were more than good.

D.Sport presentations attracted a lot of visitors to our stand, because of the popularity of sports in general, and everyone wanted to see what is it actually about. A lot of visitors were amazed by the possibility to produce a sporting event in
high-quality professional manner without compromising any significant part of the process.
And that is possible that all could be done by just one operator! Yes, our D.Sport is that intuitive and easy to use.
Of course, it is possible to have as many operators as you find suitable, depending on the requirements of your project and
the specific sporting event that is about to be broadcasted. Various CG elements, different for every sport,
were just a cherry on top of the cake.

It is true that D.Sport was the one to draw all the attention, but we didn’t miss the chance to inform our visitors about our other new software solution – D.Ingest. D.Ingest was quickly recognized as an essential part of the TV station workflow as every station has a lot of materials that has to be ingested every day. 16 recording channels, different modes for recording and almost every type of ingest (physical, IP stream, card) just helped us make a good impression.

If you missed this chance to see our solutions in action, feel free to contact us and we will gladly answer all your questions.