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~ Object Storage ~


Object-based storage manages and manipulates data storage as distinct units – objects. Every object has its unique identifier and added relevant metadata for that file. The metadata is key to the success of object storage in that it provides deep analysis of the use and function of data. Do not worry – we will provide you with the file system interface so that your storage is made easy for you to manage.

~ Lower Costs ~


There is (in most cases) no need to buy a new storage unit when in need of the additional storage space. Our storage solution offers you the possibility to extend existing storage unit. If you require more free space simply contact us and make a request. We will offer you different-sized storage extension, so you can choose the one best suited for your needs, at the best price.

~ Reliability ~


D.Space is a reliable storage solution, whether you access your data frequently or not. With Ceph you have the spread of file parts over OSDs – a distributed file system that ensures high fault tolerance by using replication. This means your files are safe in case of the disk failure and you can easily replace the crashed disk with the new one.

~ Scalability ~


From small businesses to large broadcast productions, media asset volumes increase relentlessly and managing them isn’t an easy job. With D.Space you can add storage space as you need it. Or you want to start small and expand later? If you are not sure how much space will you need, you can start with a smaller (expandable) storage space solution and make sure you do not have big amounts of free space that is never used.

~ High Availability ~


Do you want your assets to be available at least 99% of the time? Then D.Space will satisfy your needs because of its redundancy system where everything is kept on more than just one disk. This is perfect for mission-critical productions where time is money (a lot of money!) and you need to access your files to prepare content for broadcast ASAP.