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~ Channel In A Box ~



D.Play can be installed on only one PC, but for security and reliability, it can run on multiple assigned servers:

D.Play - the main playout with the local server as a service.

D.Asset - standalone application that scans and tracks "watch folders".

Database - can be another separate PC for backup

Seaparate storage - or multiple network assigned storages.

~ Audio And Video Switcher ~

Audio And Video Switcher-FI

D.Play oftware is primarily intended for automated broadcasting, but with Blackmagic cards it can be used as a video and audio mixer. In addition to the physical inputs via installed cards, D.Play can use IP streams as the input signals as well.

Install Blackmagic Decklink Cards and, depending on the model, you will have a certain number of input/output ports available. There are Decklink cards with only one, but also with eight ports. Decklink cards come with analog, SDI or HDMI ports.

You specify whether you use the port as input or output. You have the ability to deöne one output and one preview port. You can also assign any IP input stream to the switch. Above each input channel on the input switch, you see the status of the input - its availability, which is quite useful, especially when you have the IP stream on the input.

~ Rundown Playlist ~

Rundown Playlist-FI

The main rundown list is prepared for each day individually. You can prepare it for an unlimited number of days in advance, which provides you the ability to plan broadcasts for a longer time period. The list can also be used in the "loop" broadcast mode, where, at the end of the list, the player returns to the beginning. Preparing the list is very simple and done by using drag and drop functions or classic insert button.

~ Gap Filler Playlist ~

Gap filler playlist-FL

In the broadcast industry, one of the biggest problems can be program termination and there must be solutions that will prevent this even. In case of any kind of non-functionality where it is not possible to broadcast the desired content (termination of the connection to the database, unavailable storage with media öles, etc.) D.Play will broadcast the content that is located in the Gap öller list. list. This list will also be broadcasted if the main rundown list does not have enough content until the next "locked" content. If we did not select the "zebra" or "black" signal, the order of broadcasting from this list may be random or simply chronologically. You can deöne an unlimited number of different playlists that can be used for such cases.

~ Computer Graphics ~

computer graphics-FI

D.Play has the possibility of manual or automatic broadcast of computer graphics, such as multiple levels of a television logo, lower thirds, announcements, badges, etc. Among others, CG elements are: watching now, next, squeeze, replay and next 3.

~ Second Event Editor ~

Second Event Editor-FI

Arrange the graphic elements as you see for each asset in the list. In this editor you have the ability to position the asset with great precision - frame by frame. This way you can determine the exact time of appearance of CG elements such as logos, lower thirds, watch now, watch next and squeeze. The main advantage is that you can arrange them to appear more than once, and it is also possible to defne a time interval in which streaming to the Facebook page will be turned on or the "Replay" badge will be displayed.

~ Lock ~


In D.Play, it is possible to "lock" the asset so that it is broadcasted at a speciöc time. In the event of an empty space until the “locked” content, the assets fromthe öller list will be broadcasted automatically.

In case the previous asset has not finised broadcasting, the “locked” content will wait for it to end. If you do not wish for “locked” asset to wait, but to start broadcasting at a defned time, use the "force lock" option.

~ Streaming ~


With the wide use of social networks and content delivery networks (CDNs), a need for streaming has appeared and D.Play offers you different possibilities. Each of the assets can be individually streamed to Facebook page as "live". D.Play can stream the final video and audio output to CDN in UDP, RTP or RTMP.

~ EPG, HTML & ASRunLog ~


Electronic Program Guides are required for most distributors. Choose where the file will be exported, as program announcements for the whole day in XML format. The location can be local (a disk) or a local network, but also a remote FTP site. You also have an option to export next events in HTML format. A number of events that will be exported can be changed, so you can export next 5, 10 or any other number of next events from your playlist. Same as for the EPGs, the location for HTML exports can be local (a disk) or a local network, but also a remote FTP site. Create AsRunLog once a month or more often if your local institutions require so. Have a list of all broadcasted assets in one place for a specific time interval of your choice. You can create a list of all broadcasted assets or, thanks to our powerful filters, create a list of specific category of assets (for example, only a list of music assets which may be required by institutions that deal with the copyright protection). Filters also give you the ability to create reports for your clients with an exact times when thier commercial was played.

~ Indicators & Display ~

Indicators And Display-FI

Indicators give you an information about the status of important functional units.

View information about the currently broadcasted asset.

View information about asset that is next for broadcasting