Скочи на садржај


Every company needs software. Options for obtaining software used to be very simple: Buy it. Today, many companies,
including ours, offer you other possibilities.

Purchasing software has a large upfront cost and it can be a significant investment of company capital, so we decided to follow the trends and offer you an annual rental of our playout automation software – D.Play.

This option could be perfect for startup organizations which can’t afford to buy a professional solution like ours while they are trying to start a new channel and manage all expenses, or just do not want to make a commitment for a longer time period.

If you decide to rent, for a period of one year you will be able to use D.Play with all the features that your chosen edition
has to offer. After that period, D.Play will no longer work so you will have to either buy licence or rent for another year.

The best thing is that when you rent D.Play, you will have all the benefits included –
professional technical support, updates and upgrades.

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Also, if you decide to buy D.Play licence after 1 year of renting, you will not have to pay the full price – a 25 % discount will be waiting for you. Be aware that this offer is valid only after the first year of renting, later orders do not fall under this offer.

D.Play comes in three editions – Lite, Standard and Enterprise. You can check features comparison ovde and decide which one suits you the best, depending on your needs.

For more information about renting D.Play, buying licence or other renting offers for our software,
please contact us at sales@dovecher.tv.