Скочи на садржај


Are you preparing for the spring cleaning within your company? Trying to determine which parts of your content creation and broadcasting workflows need to be improved? We are providing solutions that could be game changers for your organization, whether you are a small, one-channel TV station or a multi-channel organization.

Maybe you are in need of a playout automation software, or maybe your TV station needs something to bring it to the top.

If that is the case, your search is over, because with our software success is guaranteed.

Playout automation software is a basis of every TV station, and we all know how important is that the broadcast goes smoothly. Our D.Play is a perfect solution for every channel, whether you are new in business or you want all the advanced features. It provides fully automated, 24/7 seamless broadcast.

Maybe you want to enrich your content with more live shows? D.Live gives you the ability to transform your computer into a professional live production control room. When you are producing high quality live shows that will intrigue your viewers failure is no option. This could really bring you to the top and make you stand out.

If you are looking for a complete NRCS solution, then pair D.Live with our News Room. News Room is a powerful tool
for journalist and editors and the best part is – all the work done in the News Room (like defining lower thirds) will be visible
in D.Live. It can be challenging for businesses to ingest data at a reasonable speed and process it efficiently, but with our D.Ingest all your troubles are in the past. Have a storage of what went on air at any point – use our D.Logger. Designed to answer all your need for regulatory control, D.Logger is the perfect solution for 24/7 recording. If you wish to hear more about
our solutions (and yes, there is more) and how they can improve your workflow, do not hesitate to contact us.