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Our idea is to make your workflow better and better every day by facilitating editorial collaboration between
news team members at every stage of the newscast production process.

The way news are produced has changed a lot over the years.
The idea was to create software that is simple to use and intuitive, so that journalist don’t have to waste their energy on unnecessary on technical stuff. As a result, we have managed to collect all the best parts of news making and fit them into a two complementary solutions – News Room and D.Live NRCS edition.

As mentioned before, one of the key parts of our complete NRCS solution is D.Live NRCS edition. We also offer D.Live standalone, as a powerful live production software, but the NRCS edition has some advantages. D.Live is a great addition to our News Room as it can serve as a player (news playout), audio and video switcher and also as a CG player. Every finished story
that you add to the rundown playlist in News Room will be automatically visible in D.Live alongside all the lower thirds
(with the duration time and the time when they appear on the screen) defined by journalists. This makes a
functioning relationship between journalists and news operators where everyone does exactly what is their job
and mistakes are reduced to a minimum.



Keeping the viewers interested is one of the most difficult tasks in a broadcasting industry today, and the most important.
That is why the news producing, as a crucial part of the TV station workflow, has become more and more time-consuming job.
Our idea is to make things easier for you. We want to make your workflow more story-centric. Do not waste time on
unnecessary tasks and hard-to-understand software solutions. Start using our News Room today and see how you can
create content without limits. Our solution provides complete story creation and rundown management for news teams.

Journalist or editor?

Journalists can simultaneously work on an each individual piece. Recording, editing, voiceover and intro work are all easily streamlined together to forge engaging broadcasts. News Room supports categories which makes searching for a specific asset easier. There is, also, a powerful search engine which allows you to search within a specific file type and a time period. All this makes finding your assets easier than ever. The best thing is that all the work created in News Room is also visible in D.Live (lower thirds, their duration time and the time they appear on screen, etc.). All that is left is for a journalist to do is to use their best ideas and create original content.

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Biggest advantages for journalists:


• the ability to create and edit multiple stories simultaneously
• quick access to multiple sources of information
• Making your search easier and quicker by defining metadata

By using a simple drag and drop, editors create rundown lists from all available assets. Editors can see stories that are in progress or completed and approve or send them back to editing as he or she wishes, for swift control of broadcasts. Duration time, scheduled time, status, category and creator are displayed for each story at any point. It is now easy for editors to organize resources, as they can assign teams of cameramen, reporters and other staff to each story as needed. The great thing is that they always have insight into which stories have been assigned and, also, which journalists are free to work on a next story.


Biggest advantages for editors:


• quick and easy preview of organized resources
• easy creating of rundown lists
• Information about authors and progress of an individual story


Client server architecture

• Central database
• User rights management
• Concurrent licence user connection

Searching News

It is important to be well informed and cover all the significant topics. Research news through RSS feeds, e-mail or
integrated web browser. There is no need to leave the News Room and risk losing all the unsaved data,
because of the quick and easy access to all necessary information.

Clean video files

Imagine that every time you play some video file, all the lower thirds and announcements remain as the part of the file.
And you have to make a copy of that file for different programs, so you have the clean version for the next use.
This was all in the past, because in our News Room, thanks to the various graphic tools, you can add and edit stories lower thirds or any other titles, inscriptions, etc. Change the text, font, colour and style for every program and still have a video
as a clean asset for some future uses.

Social Networks

Always stay in touch and follow the trends by publishing your stories on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook. If your story needs to be resized to fit the character limit on different social media platforms, it can easily be done in a special editor where you can also see which stories are approved by the editor for publishing on social media. There is also an option to export your stories directly to WordPress or Joomla websites.

Why do you really need News Room?

Our News Room software is the innovative and dynamic solution for Broadcasters, promoting efficiency and speed in the way news are produced and broadcasted.

Control the entry and exit of people and materials assigned to for the production of a certain story.

News Room supports collaborative workflow, emphasizes the interaction between all users and ensures the highest quality of news production.

Our idea was to make a software easy to use and intuitive so that a chance for a human error is brought to a minimum.

Windows7 or Windows10 OS (32 or 64 bits)
Full HD graphic resolution 1920 x 1080
Single Intel® Core™ i3 Processor or better
Minimum of 2GB RAM

Client server architecture

• Central database
• User rights management
• Concurrent licence user connection

Story management

• Story centric news management
• Story duration planning
• Intro and voiceover text editing
• Story status (open-approve)
• Powerful search engine
• Category support
• Web client
• Unicode support

Rundown management

• immediately reflected on all rundown displays
• Rundown duration planning
• Asset management
• Drag and drop
• RSS feed management
• Social media integration: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, WordPress, Joomla
• Prompter export

If you choose, you can just sit back and relax because we make sure that you are in great hands,
by following these steps:



Our sales experts connect with your team to determine the requirements of your organization. The better we understand your needs – we can provide you with the better solution.


Expert technical staff implements the solution. There is no need for you to worry about technical details, we will make sure everything is
working properly.


We provide training for your staff to perform tasks using our software. It is important for both, you and us, to have well trained employees using our software – it will save time and money.



Our monitoring system will notify us via email that something is not working properly. When we receive your call – we will already be half way through
finding a solution.


Our well trained support team will be there to answer all your questions and resolve any problems you might have, 24/7/365 through all
communication channels.