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Special offer for those who need a little push in the time of needs – professional playout software, D.Play license completely free  for 3 quickest clients!


Launching a TV channel is always a difficult job and expenses are constantly rising. In this time of need, we decided to help reduce initial investment by offering you a professional playout software, which is the heart of every TV station, absolutely free in the first year.

This sounds great, but what it actually means? You would get one license for D.Play Enterprise edition without any fee = 0€.
First year of use includes free technical support, updates and upgrades. So, in the first year, you would have all services included with the license. After the first year, you would still be able to use D.Play Enterprise license without any limitations, but you would not have technical support, updates and upgrades included. To continue to use all these services, you would have to buy some of our Support Plans.

Again, the decision to buy a support plan after the first year is up to you! If you do not wish to extend support, feel free to continue to use our software without limitations and without any payments.

Be one of the first 3 clients and order your license today by contacting us at