Aller au contenu is a proud partner of ALTO – an easy, secure and affordable alternative to a tape library offering faster access for more users and ultra-low lifetime cost of ownership.

ALTO is a scalable, flexible and affordable archive solution, that makes your media assets more accessible.

» Superior Performance Disk Archive 12TB, 14TB, 16TB and 18TB Disks. Any size, from any vendor, in any slot at any time – Diskless options for local disk purchasing.

» Lower Cost of Ownership Any disk which is not reading or writing is switched off with significant power saving and greatly extended disk lifetime.

» Faster Access for Concurrent Users Faster access than a tape library with more concurrent users, no migration, no repack and no routine maintenance.

» Higher Security than RAID Protects your files with user-selectable data replication offering much higher security than RAID systems.

» Geographically Distributed Systems Create distributed systems between sites, cities and continents for business continuity and disaster recovery.


» Compact ALTO System Chassis

» Up to 1080 Terabytes in 4U

» Low-Cost Expansion Chassis

» Secure Content Replication

» No RAID Rebuilds

» No Robotics

» User Selectable Protection

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» 1x, 2x and 3x Replication

» Distributed Systems

» High Availability & Disaster Recovery

» Random Access

» Faster Find and Load

» No Restore Cacheing

» Removable Media

ALTO device and all the information about ALTO that can be found on this page are provided by Disk Archive Corporation which specializes in developing high availability, high security archive solutions for demanding media and data files. With over 300 systems installed worldwide, the ALTO product range is proven to provide the secure and reliable archive storage that meets the high performance and low carbon footprint that modern media-using organisations of all sizes demand, with the lowest lifetime cost of ownership of any archiving service or technology on the market. Make an inquiry