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Programmed recording start and end time

Programmed recording start and end time


1 – List of created tasks

name – the name of the created task
start – the time at which the execution of the task will begin
end – the time at which the execution of the task will end
status – status of the task

2 – Button to add new tasks

Clicking on the button to create new tasks will open a new window:


a – Name of the created task.
b – Type of input signal being recorded. The input signal setting is the same as in the section described in “Viewing and Broadcasting Slots”.
c – Drop-down menu for choosing the format in which we want the material to be recorded.
d – The name of the file in which the material will be recorded.
e – Material description field where we can enter tags that will be used to find video material faster.
f – Field for entering the number of days before the material will be automatically deleted from the storage. If the value “0” is entered, the material will never be deleted.
g – Fields for selecting the date and time of the start and end of the recording.
h – Button for accepting and canceling task creation.

3 – Button for deleting a task from the list of created tasks (1)

If we want to delete one of the created tasks, we need to click on it in the list of all tasks and then click on the “-” button (3) to delete the selected task.