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D.Wall is our video wall controller software that functions like the brain of video walls system. This video wall controller controls what, where, how and when content is displayed.

The powerful and dynamic user interface shows you a clear representation of your entire system. As you add, move, resize and change content on the user interface, the same things happen on your video wall in real time.


• Display of all types of content.
• Overview to manage multi-screen surfaces with a simple ergonomic interface.
• Save screen configurations so you can control your video wall with a click of the mouse.
• Easy update possibilities by adding video input / output card to add sources or screens to the system.
• Multi-source and multi-zone configuration.
• Possibilities to take control of computers remotely on your desk or directly on the video wall.

Powerful Content Manipulation

Our video wall controller software manipulates content in real-time showing finished content as it appears on the wall with no lag. Drag ‘n’ drop content anywhere. Resize, zoom, rotate, magnify, and adjust transparency.

Different sources

Easily insert all the events on the field (scores, fouls, corners, missed shots, rebounds, penalties, red and yellow cards, serves, blocks, etc.) with one or two clicks and they automatically go into the statistics. This process is so simplified that one man can do the job. If necessary (like when producing basketball games), you can add unlimited number of instances on the spot, connect them, and include as many people as you may need to make sure none of the events are missed and your statistic is more accurate.

Slow motion and Highlights

In our D.Sport, highlights are intuitive and automated. This means a lot of events (like scoring, yellow and red cards, etc.) are automatically recognized and made into a highlight by using recordings from all the cameras you chose record. You can set a duration time (for example 20 seconds), and when you insert an event into statistics, previous 20 seconds will be extracted as a highlight. You can also add highlights manually when there is something interesting happening on the field and in any other situation you find suitable. Slow motion is available so you can make sure everything will be seen and reviewed.

Sport CG

A lot of CG elements are available and you can show results, game time, additional (extra) time, substitutions, lower thirds for any participant of the event, teams, formations, roster and many others. All the events inserted into statistics can also be displayed at any point. This is a powerful feature as it displays the statistics as it changes and you can use it for different kinds of analysis – during the game, between the periods, or after the game.

If you choose, you can just sit back and relax because we make sure that you are in great hands,
by following these steps:



Our sales experts connect with your team to determine the requirements of your organization. The better we understand your needs – we can provide you with the better solution.


Expert technical staff implements the solution. There is no need for you to worry about technical details, we will make sure everything is
working properly.


We provide training for your staff to perform tasks using our software. It is important for both, you and us, to have well trained employees using our software – it will save time and money.


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Our monitoring system will notify us via email that something is not working properly. When we receive your call – we will already be half way through
finding a solution.


Our well trained support team will be there to answer all your questions and resolve any problems you might have, 24/7/365 through all
communication channels.