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Some Of D.MAM Features

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~ Chat & export ~


Efficient workflow includes good cooperation between your employees. D.MAM allows them to communicate fast thanks to integrated chat option. Users can send instant messages to each other (list of currently online users is available) and discuss work scenarios or ask for assistance. We know how important is to keep up with the trends and, because of that, we made it possible to share your content on social networks. Export stories to YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, all of that directly from our software.

~ Editing ~


Having an editor right there on the spot is a great advantage of D.MAM. It provides you with basic editing functions (like trimming), and you can preview your asset at any point. In editor, you can also make changes to metadata, CG element text and create segments. Additional bonus is a Sequence Editor. In this editor you can trim assets, put segments together to make a video, use video from other assets as coverage, and use music and recorded audio offs to follow the whole video. This is a rare feature for a software which is not primarily professional editing software. Recording audio offs is also one of the advantageous functionalities that puts D.MAM on the top.

~ Search and metadata ~


All available assets are displayed in the asset list, but when you have a large number of files it is not so easy to find a specific one. D.MAM has a powerful search engine to help you find exactly what you need – even if you do not know the name of the asset. Various filters allow you to perform search only within a specific type, category, production, or only for a certain time period (today, yesterday, previous three days, previous week). Creating searchable metadata is crucial with today’s ever growing asset libraries. You can also type a word included in the metadata in the search bar, and D.MAM will display every asset containing such a word (within the name or metadata).