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Our live production software gives you the ability to transform your computer into a professional live production control room. Everything you need for a live production is packed into one solution that does half of the job for you.
Sounds great? See for yourself:


Professional HD production, Recording and Output

Broadcast up to 1080P with the highest quality h.264/AAC encoding for crystal-clear, studio quality HD streaming.
Connect multiple HDMI, SDI, or analog video sources with supported capture cards,
switch easily with only the click of your mouse. In our D.Live you can check the options for automatic streaming and recording, and these will start at the same time when you click RUN and send your content to output.

CG, Scenes and Multiview

Include powerful, multi-layered, dynamic graphics, videos and images in real-time, in a clear and visually well-distributed fashion for all: broadcast, shows, events and signage needs.
Create scenes using all input sources, with differently sized and positioned content in each.
Combine multiple inputs together using the different “Multi View” presets. You can choose from following screens:

• Out screen
• 4 inputs
• 8 inputs, preview and outscreen

Stream Live to multiple destinations

Sharing content on different social media or content delivery networks has almost become an obligation nowdays.
Choose your favorite destination and stream live to any CDN or server of your choice. There is also a bulit-in option for
streaming live to Facebook, only thing you have to do is click on the  button and log in with your information.

Integration with Prompter, Playout and News Room

Edit and display prompter text at any moment for each story. Last minute prompter text changes in live program are possible. D.Live manages live and recorded news content including text, video, images, phone calls, guests, CGs, etc.
One of the biggest advantages of using both (D.Live and News Room) are lower thirds – everything journalist create in
our News Room (including the time when they appear on the screen as well as the duration time of a lower third)
can be sent to D.Live.

Built-in Audio Mixer

Audio Mixer allows you to easily keep track of all audio sources and make changes and corrections on the spot.

• Audio AUX Input
• Boost, Reduce, and Mute audio of each bit as needed during live broadcast
• Switch between audio sources automatically or with the click of your mouse



Windows10 OS (32 or 64 bits)
An nVIDIA graphics card (GPU) capable of OpenGL 3.0 or higher
Full HD graphic resolution 1920 x 1080
Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 Family (E5-1620) or better
BlackMagicDesign Decklink
Separate stripped hard drives for media storage
Minimum of 8GB ECC RAM


Windows10 OS (32 or 64 bits)
An nVIDIA graphics card min 2Gb DDR5
Full HD graphic resolution 1920 x 1080
Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 Family (E5-1650 v4) or better
BlackMagicDesign Decklink HD
Separate stripped hard drives for media storage
Minimum of 16GB ECC RAM





Animated flash graphics
On the fly change of auto stop after clip or playlist mode
On the fly change of next clip
On the fly mute on/off
On the fly loop on/off
Separated news and sport logo
News preview with graphic template
Wipe effect on preview
Audio muting of video assets for news background
Multiple clip drag and drop into rundown
Various tools for fast asset search
Picture slow pan and zoom in rundown play
Audio mixer
Audio volume control for rundown play
Automated muting of speaker on rundown play
Automated unmuting of speaker on LIVE or preview event
Visual progress bar playback counter
Announcing quoter support (left and right)
Lower thirds
One or more input camera depends of installed Decklink cards
Synchronized auto or manual recording of program
Commercial block support
Headlines supports
„last news“ support
„info call“ support
Autosave of rundown playlist
Automated logo insertion and headlines after commercial block
Voice countdown of last ten seconds on clip play
Predicted duration of rundown list
Keyboard shortcut for all main commands
Trimming of Assets
File based asset folder
Fade to black on rundown finish
On the phone clip play
Fade in
Fade out
CPU usage
VU meter on preview
Separated Lower Third CG for News and Sport with automatic text insertion
Different transition effects
Scenes X
Audio normalization X
TOUCH SCREEN interface X X
AUX Input X X
AUX Output X X
PTZ Scene calling X X
Last second editing of rundown list X X
Stories Play X X
Scheduled start of rundown X X
Clean feed recording X X
Select Story Preview X X
Automatic Head change X X


If you choose, you can just sit back and relax because we make sure that you are in great hands,
by following these steps:


Our sales experts connect with your team to determine the requirements of your organization. The better we understand your needs – we can provide you with the better solution.


Expert technical staff implements the solution. There is no need for you to worry about technical details, we will make sure everything is
working properly.


We provide training for your staff to perform tasks using our software. It is important for both, you and us, to have well trained employees using our software – it will save time and money.


Our monitoring system will notify us via email that something is not working properly. When we receive your call – we will already be half way through
finding a solution.


Our well trained support team will be there to answer all your questions and resolve any problems you might have, 24/7/365 through all
communication channels.



Use animated graphic elements for a better visual impression.

Turn on the playlist mode and after an asset has finished broadcasting,
D.Live will go to the next asset in the list and not to the camera.

Choose any asset from your rundown playlist, set it as next and
that asset will be broadcasted next regardless of its position in the list.

Mute/unmute audio for any asset in the playlist, even the one that is currently being broadcasted.

Loop any asset from your list for as long as you need it,
even the one that is currently being broadcasted.

Koristite animirane grafičke elemente za bolji vizuelni utisak kod gledalaca.

Prebacite D.Live u režim liste i nakon završetka trenutno emitovanog medijskog sadržaja
D.Live će preći na emitovanje sledećeg sadržaja u listi, a ne na kameru.

Izaberite bilo koji medijski sadržaj iz vaše liste, postavite ga kao sledećeg za emitovanje komandom “Set next”
i taj sadržaj će biti sledeći emitovan bez obzira na to na kojoj poziciji u listi se nalazi.

Isključite/uključite zvuk bilo kog sadržaja u rundown listi, čak i onog koji se trenutno emituje.

Uključite “Loop” opciju za bilo koji medijski sadržaj i on će se iznova emitovati dokle god vi to želite.
Ova opcija se može uključiti i za trenutno emitovani sadržaj.

Utiliser des éléments graphiques animés pour une meilleure impression visuelle. 

Activez le mode playlist et après qu'un asset est terminé sa diffusion,
D.Live passera à l'asset suivant de la liste et non à la caméra. 

Choisissez n'importe quel asset de votre liste de lecture, placez-le en tant que suivant et
cet asset sera diffusé ensuite, quelle que soit sa position dans la liste.

Activer/désactiver le son pour tout élément de la liste de lecture, même celui qui est actuellement diffusé. 

Mettez en boucle n'importe quel asset de votre liste que vous en aurez besoin,
même celle qui est actuellement diffusée.