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Some Of D.Ingest Features

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~ Raw, Transode and Transcode Segmented ~


You choose one of these three ways to record your material. Capture the material as it is, in the original quality, by using the RAW option. If you wish to change the format of your video, the right choices are TRANSCODE and TRANSCODE SEGMENTED options. Record multiple files as one (the first option) or save them as multiple segments, as they are on the card (second option).

~ Card Ingest ~


Apart from the 4 panels with 16 SDI channels, there is also an additional panel for ingest from cards. Within this panel you can ingest material from P2, Sony and SD cards.

The source window will display all content available on a specific card, and you only choose the ones you want to ingest. Contents can be sorted by creation date or you can simply use drag&drop to arrange them as you wish.

All the processes needed for this kind of ingest are performed in the form of tasks. A list of all tasks performed is available to you at any and you can track the progress for each one of them with the help of estimated time to execute a particular task being displayed. While these tasks are being completed, you are free to continue your work in the D.Ingest software.

~ Define inputs and recording profiles ~


Define exactly what will be recorded from every single input channel. Chosse whether you will record from Blackmagic Decklink cards or frequently used IP streams. It is possible to change the settings for every input channel at any point. You can also choose a number of assets from your database and add them to desired recording. Preview and audio layout are also available. Predefine recording profiles (desired format, location) so you can choose them on the spot, change or add new profiles as needed. All that is left is to enter the name of a recording and press the “REC” button.

~ 16 Channels ~


D.Ingest offers you the opportunity to ingest material from as many as 16 simultaneous inputs with the help of a very simple interface. These 16 channels are divided into 4 panels and with a simple click, you can select the panel with the desired channels.

With our software you can ingest content directly from BlackMagic Decklink cards (physical ingest) or from IP stream. Please note that, depending on the number of channels to be used for physical Ingest, you must have enough Decklink cards, or enogh inputs on those cards.

You don't need any card to ingest directly from the IP stream, all you need to do is enter the address of the desired IP stream and start the recording – it is that simple.