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Do not let things get out of hand! Once the production has finished, a series of management processes start and we know how hard it is to keep everything organized while media asset volumes increase relentlessly. D.Asset is a perfect solution for you,
it helps you do everything you’d expect in a media asset management system (uploading and organizing assets,
updating metadata, trimming, reviewing assets, etc.). As all of our software, D.Asset is story-centric.
Our goal is to make everyday operations so easy that you do not need to waste time on less important stuff –
you can concentrate on making quality content for your TV station.


Watch folders

Scanning for assets was never easier. With D.Asset you don’t have to worry about whether your assets are scanned and archived – it uses watch folder mechanism. This means automatic archival of folder content (your predefined MEDIA folder for assets).
Put all of your files to the MEDIA folder or specify a path to the file located elsewhere.
You can set a time to scan every couple of minutes, hours or that scan is performed as many times a day you find suitable.
If you want to, for any reason, you can scan files manually with the help of the SCAN button.


Create searchable metadata and never waste time on finding assets again! We all faced a challenge of trying to remember something important after a significant amount of time has passed. Avoid situations like that by describing your files
as best as you can – provide more information about your file that can be associated with it and make the search easier and shorter. The powerful search engine comes in handy, too, with a variety of categories and time intervals to search within,
all for the purpose of the efficient search.

Quality check

Quality control and assurance is important during all stages and processes while creating and storing content.
Make sure your asset has the required video / audio bitrate, vertical / horizontal resolution, loudness, duration, etc.
Check all of this and more, before you use any asset to make a story. Also, there are Warning and Deny options,
so you can choose whether the asset that didn’t pass quality control can or cannot be used in a story,
depending on the specific requirements of your current project.

Why do you really need MAM?

Do you have the feeling that your employees waste time (and money!) by searching for the content that is not there,
or by making duplicates with different names only to find out later that original files exist?
If that is the case and you have a range of users who need access to your content,
then D.Asset is the right solution for your organization –
it will certainly help you make better workflows.


Windows10 OS (32 or 64 bits)
Full HD graphic resolution 1920 x 1080
Single Intel® Core™ i3 Processor or better
Minimum of 2GB RAM

• file ingest
• detect audio files
• detect video files
• detect pictures
• loudness calculating
• file processing
• generating proxy
• generating thumbnails
• various charts included


It is great to have an application like D.Asset to work in the background and take care of your assets, but users often have the need to preview or make changes to assets. Our D.MAM is a solution to all your problems with asset manipulation. We provide you with the quick and easy way to make sure everything is well-prepared for the rundown making. In D.MAM you can see the list of all available assets with their basic information, and all you need to do is make a selection and start working.


Search and metadata

All available assets are displayed in the asset list,
but when you have a large number of files it is not so easy to find a specific one. D.MAM has a powerful search engine to help you find exactly what you need – even if you do not know the name of the asset. Various filters allow you to perform search only within a specific type, category, production,
or only for a certain time period (today, yesterday, previous three days, previous week). Creating searchable metadata is crucial with today’s ever growing asset libraries. You can also type a word included in the metadata in the search bar,
and D.MAM will display every asset containing such a word (within the name or metadata).


Having an editor right there on the spot is a great advantage of D.MAM. It provides you with basic editing functions
(like trimming), and you can preview your asset at any point.
In editor, you can also make changes to metadata,
CG element text and create segments. Additional bonus
is a Sequence Editor. In this editor you can trim assets,
put segments together to make a video, use video from other assets as coverage, and use music and recorded audio offs to follow the whole video. This is a rare feature for a software which is not primarily professional editing software.
Recording audio offs is also one of the advantageous functionalities that puts D.MAM on the top.

Chat & export

Efficient workflow includes good cooperation between
your employees. D.MAM allows them to
communicate fast thanks to integrated chat option.
Users can send instant messages to each other (list of currently online users is available) and discuss work scenarios or ask for assistance. We know how important is to
keep up with the trends and, because of that, we made it possible to share your content on social networks.
Export stories to YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, all of that directly from our software.

Windows7 or Windows10 OS (32 or 64 bits)
Any dual core Processor or better
Minimum of 2GB RAM

• preview of asset files
• editing assets
• trimming
• create segments
• create program
• record audio off
• sequence editor
• export to social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
• virtual folders
• chat with team members
• drag&drop assets directly to video editors



As a result of listening to our customers’ needs and requirements, we developed D.Asset Web – web application that gives you access to your assets at any point. All you need is a web browser and an Internet connection, and you can
start working. D.Asset Web gives you the ability to use the main functions of our MAM (Media Asset Management) solution from a remote location, whether you are on the field covering some event, or at home finishing important assignments. Every user has to login with its own credentials, so you don’t have to worry about security of your data.

All changes made in D.Asset Web are visible immediately, allowing real-time collaboration. Same as in D.Asset, you have a search engine, categories and filters, for quick and easy search of assets. Some basic editing options, like trimming,
are also available. Edit metadata and create easily
searchable content. Once you have done editing (or creating) the desired asset, simply upload it and do not worry about
the rest of the process. The important thing is that other journalists, wherever they are located, will be able access all assets, i.e. all assets they have permissions for.

D.Asset Web is easy to understand and use since its interface is familiar with our other software interfaces. The idea was that once you manage to get acquainted with the use of one software solution, you can easily switch between software and there is no need for further accommodation. This will save you a lot of time and trouble. It doesn’t matter if you have a single facility or multiple locations over the world, D.Asset Web will enable all contributors to work simultaneously on projects and, again, save you a lot of time and money. The possibility that
a certain story wasn’t finished on time because journalists
had to come to your company’s location to access the files
will no longer exist.


Define the roles of your users and their privileges ⠂Assign people to manage storage and its usage
⠂An option for manual or automatic removal of materials from any storage workspace

It is important that all access rights can be controlled to the detail. Reading, writing, saving, delete, etc. should be carefully assigned by administrators to the particular user.
Administrators decide will some particular item or a database sub-tree be hidden from specific users and who will be able to access materials instantly. Users will be able to reach and
make changes on the assets according to dedicated access rights, functionality available to them depends on their role in the process. This way, identifying the problem
(and the person responsible) will be simplified and accelerated in order to reduce the human factor errors and improve the general workflow.

Storage managing can be available only for a small group of people for data security.
The majority of users should only have access to a part of the storage. It is always good
to have storage divided into a several thematic parts, so it is easy to give access to
any of those parts to the teams of employees that are supposed to see the specific material
(like sports or entertainment journalists, edit and montage teams, etc.). All this can be done
by an Administrator – this user has all of the privileges and is responsible for storage and
user management. Administrator manages which user has access to which part of the storage, but also which user can work in which application in the complete news production system.

Deleting assets is always a tricky business. It is crucial to precisely define who can delete materials and from which part of the storage. Everyone usually postpones the removal of assets for as long as possible, because you can never know will some material be needed again
in some form. From the other hand, no matter how much space we have, it will certainly get filled some day, so it is necessary to remove materials that aren’t needed anymore.
D.Admin gives you an option for manual or automatic removal of assets.
Define a specific folder from which assets are to be removed and set period of time
(once a week, once a month, or any other) for automatic removal.
Assets can be removed manually, but be careful when choosing a person for that task.


Remote monitoring application

Detect issues before they get critical! D.Mon always oversees tasks and processes within
the MAM (Media Asset Management) system and allows operators to know if their
intervention is required. All exceptions from normal functioning are brought to their attention well in advance, so that they can deal with it before the damage is done. The user-friendly interface helps to quickly solve any problems because the elements are intuitively and harmoniously arranged, and all “alarms” are easily visible.

The status of every workstation in the system (and the application running on it) is displayed and you can keep an eye on all of the key components. All processes are simultaneously monitored which leaves no place for misuse of assets. Since D.Mon is based on user-permissions, the best practice is to allow only Administrator/s to control what is happening within your system. It is also of a great importance that only users with the required access rights can transfer materials between the system components and have access to some specific operations like file transcoding.

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The idea was to allow you to manage your workstations from a single point. In D.Mon you can see the status of all assets available in the system, including the currently growing files. The important thing to keep an eye on is also the availability of the storage space – you can keep track of how much unused space there is per every storage unit and make sure there is enough of it for normal functioning. To improve the work of all your employees by better understanding the past problems and determining the exact cause of the problem is the best way of problem prevention. This way, Administrators are able to anticipate the possible human errors and mitigate any incorrect usage.

If you choose, you can just sit back and relax because we make sure that you are in great hands,
by following these steps:


Our sales experts connect with your team to determine the requirements of your organization. The better we understand your needs – we can provide you with the better solution.


Expert technical staff implements the solution. There is no need for you to worry about technical details, we will make sure everything is
working properly.


We provide training for your staff to perform tasks using our software. It is important for both, you and us, to have well trained employees using our software – it will save time and money.


Our monitoring system will notify us via email that something is not working properly. When we receive your call – we will already be half way through
finding a solution.


Our well trained support team will be there to answer all your questions and resolve any problems you might have, 24/7/365 through all
communication channels.