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Greetings to the 2020!

To all our clients, partners and friends, thank you for being part of this year’s amazing Dovecher.tv story.

The New Year is almost here and we are very excited for a new chapter that is coming. Many projects, new partnerships and new clients were a part of the (almost) previous year, and we are grateful for all of that. Especially for the good relationships we managed to maintain during that time.

As for our products, you (probably) already know that the improvement was significant. We did our best to make our software more stable and reliable, but also to implement various new features and keep up with the trends. The biggest star of the year is our MAM system which evolved to an entirely new level and become a complete solution for all your data/asset management problems.

We probably repeat ourselves, but none of this could be done without your cooperation (feedback, suggestions and ideas), so keep up the good work and we will all have benefits. The new year will bring a lot of surprises for our customers and partners, we prepare new solutions which will improve sporting events broadcasting, so stay tuned!

We wish you a successful 2020 and may it be the really extraordinary one.

Happy holidays and cheers to the 2020 from Dovecher.tv team.

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