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IMPORTANT NOTE: D.Play is an advanced playout, live production and streaming studio software, that requires adequate processing power and appropriate hardware resources. Please review the System requirements, to utilise it’s full potential.

INSTALLATION: To install and configure D.Play to normal operation, it is necessary to do a series of steps.

1. Instalation of D.Prerequsites,
2. Instalation of D.Asset,
3. Configuration of D.Asset,
4. Instalation of D.Play.
5. Configuration of D.Play channel graphics.

To make installation simpler, our support team will do that for you.

Download Remote Desktop application named TeamViewer from following link and send ID and password to

We will guide you and help to install D.Play on your PC. And also help with configuration of demo channel where you can see full power of D.Play.

You can write to us at and arrange a time that suits you for installation.

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